Krispaketet right now working with an exprimental documentary, an escapism.

”Seven years ago I was living in Lisbon, Portugal.
One day when I was about to get rid of something, to my surprise the opposite occured.
I encountered something.
I first spotted one on the street where I was standing.

Laying there next to the recycle bins.
Then I looked around and discovered that there were lots of them.
Old slides.

Manic and curious, I started picking up the images.
I held them up to the sun to try to see what they portraid.
When the adrenalin rush had subsided, came a macabre feeling that I first did not understand.
Then it dawned on me that I was holding on to moments, frozen memories, together they formed a life.
Now they all spaced into two paper bags.
It was sad and I felt obliged to bring them home.
Never have I been able to stop thinking about the pictures and who they belonged to."

Kristoffer Karl Sandberg

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